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Italian Astrobiological Institute

The Italian Society of Astrobiology (ISA), in order to promote the basic and applied knowledge of Astrobiology, with the aim to facilitate the coordination and joint development of various scientific disciplines and related research programs, has promoted the foundation of the 'Italian Astrobiological Institute - Network of National Astrobiology Laboratories, IAI-ASTROBIOLab


The objectives of the IAI-ASTROBIOLab for the achievement of fundamental and applied research are the following:

  • Promote the advancement of knowledge

  • Develop and coordinate the industrial research field

  • Stimulate collaboration between researchers of different disciplines

  • Foster the development of enabling technologies for terrestrial and space applications


Numerous research laboratories participated in the foundation of the IAI-ASTROBIOLab, selected through a specific open tender and published on the ISA website by a panel of national and international experts who evaluated and verified the quality of the applicants' skills in the field of astrobiology.

The IAI-ASTROBIOLab represents a widespread and multidisciplinary research structure whose main objective is the study of astrobiology, to which these research laboratories have joined. Participants in the IAI-ASTROBIOLab dedicate their skills and professional competence to fundamental and applied research in the main sectors of Astrobiology, including the origin of life, astrochemistry, prebiotic chemistry, radiobiology, synthetic biology, extremophiles, habitability, the search for life in space, panspermia, the development of new analytical procedures, and the identification of life biomarkers.

The results already achieved in the context of these studies are demonstrated by the numerous national and international research projects and various space missions whose results also find important applications in the development of innovative technologies for environmental sustainability and human well-being.

The Italian Astrobiological Institute-Network of National Astrobiology Laboratories IAI-ASTROBIOLab will also have the important function of educating a new generation of Astrobiology in research with an interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral background.

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