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If you too share the interest in Astrobiology, become a member of the SIA!

Take advantage of being a member!

Applications for membership of the Society can be made at any time of the year and must be sent by email to the President: Marco Moracci, Department of Biology, University of Naples 'Federico II', University Complex of Monte Sant' Angelo, Via Cynthia, 80126 Naples, Italy.

Telephone : +39 081 679046


The request must include a curriculum vitae of the candidate, with a list of published works, extracts from publications and any other information that the applicant may deem useful for admission to the Society. The publications are not required for simple enthusiasts.


The annual membership fee for Ordinary Member amounts to € 50.00.

For graduates by no more than four years, PhD students, research fellows and PhDs by no more than three years, the membership fee amounts to €20.00.

For simple enthusiasts the membership fee amounts to € 20.00.


The membership fee entitles you to participate in the Society's activities as per the Statute (see here), to receive the Society's news, discounts on participation in the National Congress of Astrobiology organized by the Society and to be a member of the Scientific Committee.


Membership fees must be paid each year by bank transfer to the Society's bank account before April the 30th.


Payment must be made at:

Banca Popolare Etica- Ag. Napoli, Headquarters, Isola G7, Naples

IBAN: IT90Q0501803400000011649233


Payable to: Societa Italiana di Astrobiologia

Purpose of payment: SIA subscription <year>


Persons, public or private bodies, associations, institutes who intend to favor the achievement of the Society's objectives with financial contributions, donations or other acts in favor of the Society can become Supporting Members. The Supporting Member who is an Entity, Association or Institute is represented in the ISA by a delegate who has the right to participate in the General Assemblies, but does not have the right to vote nor can be elected to executive positions. In the case of individuals, the status of Supporting Member is compatible with that of Ordinary, Emeritus or Honorary Member. In such cases the Supporting Member may exercise the rights corresponding to such qualifications.


+39 081 679046



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