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Scientific and technical objectives

The Association aims to increase the basic knowledge in Astrobiology through different disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, engineering, astrophysics, geology and others, in order to foster technological development for space and terrestrial applications.


The objectives of the ISA are:


  • Promote the progress of fundamental and applied knowledge in the field of Astrobiology;

  • Promote and foster relationships with other international organizations of excellence in the sector;

  • Promote and coordinate higher education activities;

  • Stimulate collaboration between researchers of different disciplines;

  • Establish relationships with similar associations;

  • Develop enabling technologies for terrestrial and space applications;

  • Promote meetings and conferences;

  • Promote the dissemination of knowledge for educational and dissemination purposes. 

  • Implement any action necessary to protect the interests of Astrobiology and its practitioners.

  • Provide scientific support to terrestrial and space research projects of potential astrobiological interest.

  • Offer advice to the Italian Government on scientific, ethical and sociological issues connected to the possible discovery of extraterrestrial life forms and/or threats relating to possible risks for life on Earth.


To achieve these objectives, ISA will make use of all the means that the corporate bodies deem appropriate.

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