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Structure & Organization


The name of the scientific association is: Italian Society of Astrobiology – ONLUS. It is made up of Founding Members, Ordinary Members, Emeritus Members, Supporting Members and Honorary Members.

The founding members are:


Prof. Saverio Ambesi Impiombato

Dr. John Robert Brucato

Prof. Luigi Colangeli

Prof. Ernesto Di Mauro

Prof. Pasquale Palumbo

Prof. Marco Moracci

Prof. Moses Rossi

Prof. Alessandra Rotundi

Prof. Raffaele Saladino

Prof. Giovanni Antonio Strazzulla

The management of the association and the pursuit of its goals are taken care of by the members through the following bodies: General Assembly, President, Executive Committee and the Scientific Board as is described in the Statute.

The General Assembly is made up of all Members

The current President is Professor Marco Moracci
The current Vice-President is Professor Giovanni Vladilo

The Executive Committee is made up by the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary-Treasurer, the outgoing President and six Counselors.


The current Executive Committee is made up of:

Prof. Marco Moracci - University of Naples (President);

Prof. Giovanni Vladilo - Astronomical Observatory of Trieste (Vice President);

Prof. Stefano Poponi - Niccolò Cusano University of Rome (Secretary-Treasurer);

Prof. Raffaele Saladino - University of Tuscia, Viterbo (Past-President, Counsellor);

Prof. Nadia Balucani - University of Perugia (Counsellor);

Prof. Franz Saija - Institute for Chemical-Physical Processes (IPCF-CNR) (Counsellor);

Prof. Beatrice Cobucci Ponzano - Institute of Biosciences and BioResources - CNR (IBBR-CNR) (Counsellor);

Prof. Donato Giovannelli - University of Naples (Counsellor);

Prof. Paola Di Donato - University of Naples (Counsellor);

Prof. Giovanna Costanzo - Institute of Molecular Biology and Pathology (IBPM-CNR) (Counsellor).


The Scientific Board formulates motivated proposals on the scientific initiatives of the Association and expresses opinions on the activity programs submitted by the Executive Committee.


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